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Welcome to LaForge's Homepage

Welcome to LaForge's ancient, obsolete Homepage

Despite being online since the early 90ies, unfortunately I never really get around building a real homepage. There's always more important and more interesting stuff to do (about which you can read at

I'm an active member of the Free Software / Open Source community. I've either started or contributed to a large number of Free Software projects ever since getting in touch with Free Software in 1995. The most well-known roject so far was netfilter/iptables, that is the firewalling subsystem of the Linux 2.4/2.6 kernel.

In recent years I have not had time to work on netfilter/iptables anymore, but am constantly moving from one professional field to another. I have extensively worked with various RFID technologies (software stack, device firmware), written smartcard redaer drivers, ventured into statistical process control, helped to design and implement an electronic document archieval and retrieval system, and became the lead system level software architect of the worlds' first 100% Open Free Software based mobile phone (OpenMoko).

From 2008 to early 2010 I served as Open Source Liaison of VIA Technology, a major semiconductor vendor. During Q3 and Q4 of 2009, I had the pleasure to help Samsung System LSI to align their Linux kernel development with mainline and improve interaction with the kernel community. System LSI is the part of Samsung who make the s3c24xx, s3c64xx and s5pXXXX ARM based System-on-a-Chips.

Starting from early 2009 into 2010, my work has become more focused on GSM protocols, more specifically the OpenBSC and OsmocomBB projects.

Even more recently (2011), I've started to implement the ETSI TETRA trunked radio standard, which has now become the OsmocomTETRA project.

Since 2011, I'm also the co-founder of a company called sysmocom - systems for mobile communications GmbH, a Berlin based company aimed at providing commercial solutions and support related to Free Software GSM related projects

I continue to do consulting and development in the areas of data communications, communications security for various different entities.

If you are looking for papers/slides of presentations I have given at various conferences, follow this link.

If you want to know more about what I'm doing, you may want to have a look at

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